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30 Day Punch Out Flooring Clause

At the end of every project, we provide our customers with  a 30 day punch out. This allows our customers 30 days to look over their fished product and see if there is anything that needs to be touched up.  Any damage to flooring installed by Quality Home Remodeling LLC, must be reported on the day of completion. The customer can point out areas to our staff or, the customer can submit detailed pictures of  any scratches, nicks, or other imperfections via email.  Quality Home Remodeling LLC is not responsible for any damage done to flooring after we have completed a project. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect flooring before job completion.

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​​2-Year Craftsmanship Warranty

​​​     All worked performed by Quality Home Remodeling LLC will be backed by a 2-year craftsmanship warranty. This warranty only covers workmanship failure not product failure. Certain products may come with their own warranties, see product information for more details. If problem occurs with our work, the customer is responsible for contacting Quality Home Remodeling LLC immediately. Warranty will be void if no attempt to contact Quality Home Remodeling LLC is made as soon as issue occurs. Warranty will become void if anyone other than Quality Home Remodeling LLC touches the issue. If any payments are not made the warranty will become void. Warranty does not cover concrete cracking, dry wall settling, and any warping, twisting, or splitting of treated decks. By signing a contract with Quality Home Remodeling LLC you are agreeing to this warranty policy.

Industry Standard Clause

In the event of a dispute over the quality of installation of products, conflicts will be resolved by industry standard specifications.
Company representatives of products used, can be called out to ensure the workmanship meets their company's specifications. If representatives find that the workmanship has been done up to their specefications, the matter will be resolved. In the event that representatives find any errors that do not meet their industry standards, Quality Home Remodeling will be obligated to correct errors, after which, the matter will be deemed resolved.
After a matter is deemed resolved, any negative reviews or slander in regards to the issue will be met with legal ramifications.

Quality Home Remodeling, LLC BBB Business Review
Quality Home Remodeling, LLC BBB Business Review

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Book an appointment with Adaptavant at Ascendas using SetMore
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Formerly Kubin Construction we have been serving our area with 100% customer satisfaction backed by over 17 years experience. Quality Home Remodeling LLC is the same great service and staff you have come to enjoy from Kubin Construction with a fresh household friendly name and image. All projects are personally supervised  by our hands on owner,  Tony Kubin,  to ensure top quality workmanship and excellent customer service. We at Quality Home Remodeling LLC pride ourselves on the ability to work with our customers on project design, budget needs, and any other service needed to guarantee a happy life long customer.