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Community Kickback Program

We are very excited to announce our next community kickback candidate.

In the next few months we will be working with a local from our community who is suffering from MS and confined to a wheelchair. She is in desperate need of a bathroom renovation that will accommodate her needs and will allow her the simple functionality that we all take for granted. We will be completely covering the costs of all renovations free of charge.

Thank you to all our customers who helped raise over $3,500!

We will be starting this project very soon! Keep an eye out for an update and pictures!

Thank you for supporting Quality Home Remodeling and your local community.

Throughout the year, Quality Home Remodeling LLC will be taking on home remodeling projects for families in need. If you or someone you know is in need of a home remodeling project please email us a brief description of the families situation and what work is needed. Families must be located in York County, PA.

When you choose Quality Home Remodeling LLC for your home remodeling projects, you're supporting your local community!

Completed Work Written by Debbie Melnick

Bathrooms can represent such a barrier to the handicapped. Short toilets, zero safety bars, slippery surfaces, doors that are not manageable, tiny spaces, and cluttered spaces can lead to serious falls, injuries and stress. And there’s no getting around the need to use the bathroom or to shower. I had tried to come up with a solution for safe bathing with little peace from fear of falling. I’ve purchased every shower chair concept out there and even installed a tiny ramp into the master bathroom shower. It still felt like I was taking my life into my own hands every time I transferred in, dragging a leg while trying to balance on wet tile.

Universal design has fascinated me for some time because if everything was designed from the beginning with everyone in mind, what a beautiful and inclusive world this would be. While most of us think we will be 80 when it becomes a concern, that is  not the case. Anyone can sprain an ankle or struggle with some illness at any point in life. When those moments come along, that is when we realize how important accessibility can be.

We have a beautiful master bathroom. A beautiful bathroom that I could not use. Estimates to make it accessible were insane. Simple changes ranged from $38,000 to $56,000. I had given up on making any changes at the moment when I received a call back from one of the contractors telling me that they would upgrade the bathroom as part of a community project. At first I was in disbelief. I could not fathom how or why this had happened, but I just looked up and said Thank You. Quality Home Remodeling helped us design a super open shower where I could simply transfer onto a bench to shower. They also worked with me to design a sink and counter that I could pull up to with ease. And the best part? We incorporated universal design concepts where it looks gorgeous and not medical.

Here is a picture of the master bathroom before. Needless to say, while beautiful, I struggled to get into the mini toilet room safely and I could not reach the sink. The shower ramp made things dangerous when water became part of the equation. I fought with the double door entrance into the bathroom because they would either block the shower or grab onto my chair.

We took everything out and opened up the space. Wider spaces are so much easier to navigate.

Then an open shower was built. That way I can easily transfer to a bench. The really important parts to the shower layout are safety bars and shower control locations. I can easily reach the controls without getting hit by freezing water.

Then we made sink frames where there is space underneath so that I can pull under to use the sinks. We went with 34.5″ height for the counters.

And finally it all came together!

Toilet space: open with bars for an easy transfer. The toilet is ADA height so there is no drop when  transferring.

Bath: I put in a tub where there is simply more space in the bathroom. Most tubs for handicapped are Beyond expensive and have lips where the door closes which would not help me. 

Shower: Notice the controls are easily accessible. I can reach them without risking a fall and I can keep the hand held spray  away from me until the water heats up. Also I can divert the water to the overhead shower head easily. Safety bars are around the shower. The bench is a depth of 15″ and the height allows for easy transfer. 

Sinks:  The faucets are ADA compliant so I can easily flick them on and control temps. The space under the sink is priceless. It brings me so much joy to be able to easily brush my teeth and wash my face without dripping everywhere. At 34.5 ” it’s a height where I can easily reach the sink and faucets.

We designed a universally designed bathroom that is beautiful and not medical. Anyone will enjoy using it and everyone can! Imagine that.

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Quality Home Remodeling, LLC BBB Business Review
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Hello Everyone,

My name is Debbie Melnick.  I'm wheelchair bound from multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that attacks the brain and spine.  As the disease has progressed, overwhelming upgrades are needed for my safety to transfer in and out of the shower and bathroom.  Grab bars, a space to fit my wheelchair, and nonslip surfaces make bathing a safe and less anxiety ridden part of my day. I cannot thank Tony and Quality Home Remodeling for their help and expertise with this project. I'm excited to have their help with this amazing project.