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 Before & After

 ​The basement pictured below is a perfect example of how every project we run into, doesn't always have the most ideal circumstances.  In the before pictures, notice the black plumbing that wraps around the ceiling.  See how we made bulk heads, that are estetically pleasing to the eye, to cover them up.  All the doors for this project had to be custom built on site, due to height restrictions, to match the existing ones in the home.  As you can see, at Quality Home Remodeling LLC, we truly can make you old house... your new home.

 Did You Know...

 Your basement concrete slab can draw moisture from the ground, making your basement more humid.  This is the reason we use pressure treated lumber for all the wall framing bottom plates.  If your basement has excessive moisture problems, applying two coats of Drylock to your concrete slab before installing any flooring, will drastically reduce moisture in you home.

Finished Basements

​The hardest part of figuring out your basement layout, is trying to work around all the obstacles.  Support columns, electrical boxes, alarm panels, sump pumps, shut off valves, duct work, ect.,  can cause complications with your desired design.  We have years of experience working around these obstructions making for a clean and natural look that fits your life style. 

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Quality Home Remodeling, LLC BBB Business Review
Quality Home Remodeling, LLC BBB Business Review

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